You know you are Feral when...

The vehicle you drive does not even remotely fit in those 
little itty-bitty spaces they call "parking lots" in the city...

And yes, why you are right! It does happen to say 
"feed me cake and bratwurst"!
It's Wisconsin's traditional summer meal, of course!!



  1. You mean not all cars say feed me cake and bratwurst? It is a really good suggestion after all.

  2. its our version of subliminal advertising in Wisconsin... thats why we cant pass up those meat & cheese shops along the Interstate, you know, the ones with the big fiberglass mouse and quarter slice of cheese out in front...another form of Wisconsin subliminal advertising lol

    Im hoping SE Montana has some? Or is that why everyone there is in such good shape; no cheese shops just grass fed beef? I think Im going to have to take a road trip just to see! :D


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