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More scary to us then any wild animal or nasty weather...

Meth Labs, Dope farms, you name it. 

There recently was a huge drug bust they made concerning Dope farming in the Northern Wisconsin's Nicolet Federal Forest.  A person noticed some hispanic men working on abandoned logging landings, cultivating them to grow dope.  The Authorities were told, and they tailed them to the local stores, watching them buy farming equipment...and bullets.

They collected evidence, then busted them, confiscating dope that was ready for market and guns, including an AK-47.   This bust supposedly leads back to a person of interest in California who hired these men from Mexico to work in this Federal Forest, a Federal Forest that you pay for with your tax dollar to maintain and promote outdoor activities.   They suspect a Mexican Cartel (mafia) is involved.

The most awful part for me?

Last spring I was working in these same woods, counting trees....



  1. It's an interesting job no doubt...yes, the drug people are the scariest...we have the same problem here in the NW. We are reminded every year when we do the wild horse inventory in the Ochoco NF of what to do and what not to do.

  2. Anyone who works in "isolated" areas has to be cautious of the traps and armed guards associated with pot farms and meth labs. Be careful out there!

  3. Oh dear, I have read this earlier and how scary is it that you could run across this! I just don't know what we are going to do in this country
    to get things back under control. so sad

  4. I came over the Wildwood...looking forward to reading more about this and you previous posts

  5. Oh scary stuff!!

    Mexican cartel, interesterd in.... wisconsin? That's the weirdest part of the whole story - yet brilliant.

  6. Thanks for all the concern ~ we try to avoid it by smell!

    Meth labs smell like cat pee, and on hot days you can really smell the resin off the dope for quite a distance...And we try to generally avoid people/strange vehicles in the woods, unless they are like that senior citizen couple on the atv that was lost...then we will share the maps ;)! at least they seemed to be a nice couple?!

    Otherwise its best to avoid at all costs and contact authorities as soon as you get a signal on your cell...and get the heck out.

  7. I like going back and reading these posts.:) This is before I started blogging. Yikes scary stuff. B


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