Soon it will be time to "fly"...

Isnt she a beaut? 

My new "potential" son-in-law tied this just for me ~ he certainly knows the way to this  
"potential" mother-in-law's feral heart!

I think he's an artist ~ but he's a modest homegrown Montana boy  ~ he would call himself 
a  lifelong fly fisherman,  dedicated to the artistry of fly fishing.

Hopefully, from him, I will not only learn all the techniques warranted to fish Montana's flowing waters, 
but I will learn more about the man who is dedicatedly in love with my 21 year old baby daughter.

or maybe...

its a ruse to get me to divulge my secret fishing hotspot out west?

Hint -its above 10,000', off-trail & you gotta be in excellent climbing shape, Chris.


For the answer, take your mouse and  click to highlight between the bars below

~ Nope, no can do! But I bet this fly will catch some pretty nice cutthroat up there...~



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