"Soon and very soon" (yes, a Baptist that dances with face cards and loves old timey hymns..)



The unveiling photos of all the finishing work that has been done on this house in NW Wisconsin the last few months ~

And you will get the first chance to see it right here!

Very soon.

Heres a "cheat" shot...

What do you 'see" in this granite tile that I put together on the countertops?

Hint~ theres an eye and some pointed ears...

For the answer, take your mouse, left click and highlight between the bars below

~ Its a horse head!  look for the eye, the rest follows.  And no, it wasnt put together while on cold medicine lol! ~



  1. Hey, nothing shows when I click but I think we used that granite in one of our houses before...lol...read some of your latest post...I'm thinking of being cowgirl too!! ...in my spare time...

  2. We bought the granite a $1 a tile from our friends, who picked it out from in back of a quarry in St cloud MN, and used it in their house they built; we were lucky enough to their leftovers to do a whole bathroom and then this kitchen countertop... It took me about 4 days to get the tiles to "blend" after arranging it over and over and over... then I found the one piece with the eye', another with the pointed ears, and then I started to see a horsehead lol

    So glad you want to ride! As they say, the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a (wo)man!

  3. I totally saw it!!! That's very cool!!


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