So far today...

I learned that one singular fly in a small enclosed bathroom that you are taping drywall in can drive you insane- and never swat at the said fly with your taping knife.

I also learned that one singular lightbulb in a small enclosed bathroom can get hot enough to give you a third degree burn under your armpit in that soft skin section...twice.

And I learned that when you put a roller brush on a roller you can actually get that tender part of your skin that runs along your thumb jambed inbetween them all too quickly, and then it gets wedged and dont come off too fast.

And I learned that maybe pulling an all nighter to finish a small enclosed bathroom of hades is not a wise idea, but that antibacterial spray that numbs your skin is like the best thing on this planet...until you touch your eye...

then you take photos like this ~

its a lil' fuzzy, but this is going to go into that small enclosed bathroom.
after a nap.



  1. I have been there and done that on all the it in the end! Some of my fondest memories is painting a room at midnight with some fav music on (and maybe a Scotch and water to keep me company)...sometimes doesn't get any better than that!!

  2. Oh dear.
    You're not terribly coordinated are you? Or have you been nipping at the wine while working again???

  3. Oh my goodness. FeralWoman, you MUST tell me where you got that sink and vanity. I'm about to redo my tiny bathroom, and I want to replace the vanity. That is PRECISELY what I'm looking for. Do tell, where did you get it?
    I'll check back tomorrow. As a former MT girl (Missoula) I gotta say, I love your blog!!!

  4. Lowes :) perfect for a small enclosed bathroom, and it does have a drawer. Also we bought the matching hanging cupboard to go over the toilet. I do believe the name brand is "total bath solutions".

    Thank you for visiting, and my girls (age 21 & 23) live together in Missoula, going to school! Have fun remodeling!

  5. Thank you so much! I checked Home Depot, I didn't even think to check Lowe's!
    Missoula is a great place to go to school. I surfed from here to the Big Sky Blog and caught Jewel's "Missoula Song" which I'd never heard, didn't even know existed. Very cool. Thanks so much! I'll be back!


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