Ok, number 1

Thank you for all your encouraging words ~ I have never been so tired in all my life, and Im still not done with the trim, the packing, the cleanup - yet.  And we are out of here on Sunday, heading towards Montana, and the Black Hills.   So when I see posts from strong women offering a glimpse of what the future holds, or telling me to keep the faith, keep truckin' on feral woman, it means so much to this little wild girl, the one thats inside of me that is part weary, part excited...and part scared...

which leads me to  ~

number 2

Anybody know what kind of spider this is?  We found him last year along side of the house in Montana...

hes got a lot of eyes...

and mr. Foresterman kind of let out a little wild girl scream
when mr. unknown spider leaped out of the container too fast when set free... 

any ideas?



  1. Looks like it is perhaps a wolf spider. They have several rows of eyes and can be quite large. I'd probably take that spider over a black widow... In our area we have upwards of 1000 spiders per acre with some 400 species represented. I have nice little spider traps I put around inside the house...

  2. Looks like a wolf spider to me too, but I've never seen one from the belly side. Aren't they the ones that jump and seem pretty aggressive, but not harmful to humans?

    Just catching up...your post about the drugs in the forest...wow! I wouldn't want to be hiking and come across those fellows. Glad they caught them.

  3. Wolf spider gets my hubby's vote too..it would be a dead spider if I had any thing to do with it...

  4. No idea, but I'm suddenly feeling quite ill!!

    Can't wait for MT road adventure stories!

  5. All of a sudden snakes look like a good thing. I thought those monsters only lived in the south. Icky.

  6. Is this your forever, permanent move, or just a scouting road trip?

  7. We be home forever Q & Q!

    The majority agrees ~ a wolf spider...he does look wolfish (or is it a she?!)lol I have seen A LOT of barn spiders in my day, but this by far was the largest spider I had ever seen - I was wondering if they had tarantulas in MT!!!


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