Every once in a while...

we DO dress up and go to town to have a lil' bit of fun.

although not like normal people...

photo by Original Oldtime Picture Studios

My born-before-me** sisters are gonna kill me if they see this ~ we had this taken for fun on one of our spa trips. Yes, you heard right, Timber Cruisers do organic 3 day spas once in awhile... well, at least this one does, along with some wicked photo fun at the local old timey photo studio. 

Like they didnt think I would go public with it if they didnt pay me my weight in chocolate, pshaw...but I be a cowgirl now; I can handle em'...I think...

** never ever say older.  never.  especially if you are the youngest...
I must go hide in the woods now...
Love you sisters!


  1. I wouldn't want to mess with that gang!

  2. lol i agree, we can be scary. I think thats why we only do the girls weekend thing once every 3 years ~ it takes all of us a while to forget the last "wild time" and cost lol


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