Guess who happened to bid on a timber cruising contract in the Black Hills last month
after the first bid opening was a bust?


and guess who was awarded a year contract of  Cruising in the Black Hills?


And guess who has to start at the end of this month?

"Can you do that????"

and guess who gets to move to Montana at the same time?

"my mom said you'd want steak for supper...??"

And guess who is putting the WI house up for sale at the end of the month?

"well its about time, dear..."


Goooood Morning,



  1. WhooooHoooo for you!! I bet you're as excited as all get out!

  2. glutton + punishment = feral woman

  3. YAY!!! we get to eat for another year ;)!!

    and yes gtyyup; I will be back out west, and FOR GOOD! Yay!!!!


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