You know you are Feral when...

you watch"A & E Hoarders" to get motivated to pack for your big move ...

THIS SHOW is a Godsend.  Saves you time because rather then packing things you will never use or display, you donate those hideous artifact gifts that you only keep because of your Catholic guilt upbringing.  I mean, who can throw away Aunt Sophies moth-ball smelly wooden...thingy?  I still dont know what it is... But I was told before she died she said that she distinctly wanted me to have this... oKaaaay, but after talking myself through like the counselors do on "Hoarders" , I now know for certain that someone else will be truly blessed with this incredible wooden...thingy that I am sure I couldnt possibly be worthy of.  So it is a win win situation because I can maintain my Catholic guilt and still bless others with donations.

And it saves money because Mr. Foresterman said it costs about 20 cents per pound for each item to be moved to Montana -yes,  he thinks math like that. All the time. Although once at that place that rhymes with "faux-tart" I asked him which item was the better deal and he so impressed me when he threw out ounce per pound numbers with certainty like a sassycat in a canoe with a dozen mice. When I complimented him on his fast calculating he showed me the tags on the shelves which listed the information.  oh.  Yes, I think "blonde" like that.  All the time. We would make a good feral TV show.  Kind of like "Rainman" meets "Bambi"... in the forest of course...

I digress.

Back to packing!



  1. when I watch hoarders, I clean during the commercials. LOL. I can't help myself.

    I feel bad for you, packing sucks, but having someone tell you that taking grandpa's anvil collection with you is going to cost $1258 would certainly suck. tell him to go put his calculator away, he's harshin your mellow.



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