Packing up sometimes means looking back

I found the box.  
You know, the one where Mr. Foresterman kept every card, every note, every letter I gave him 
during the 3 years of our courtship. 
I almost didnt open it, because the U-Haul comes tomorrow 
and we need to load up approx. 1 ton of books (yes, he weighed the books) 
and all the rest of everything.  

Including this box of hopes & promises. 

Opening up the lid, this was the first card I found.  As I read, my eyes started to sting a bit.

If you were a star
that wasnt expected back
in the universe 
for a thousand years,

I'd wait.

If you were the sky
and everyone went inside
when you got sad 
and started to rain,

I'd stay.

And if you were a peach
and the world decided to get rid of all peaches,

I'd pick you up,
put you in my pocket...

and keep you. 
                ~ Ashley Rice

 And with all my heart I still feel the same way...

                                                                           Photo by Joyce Krumm



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