Happy Birthday, Bessie...

                                                                                                                            LARRY MAYER\Gazette Staff

To all Photographers 

 ~ professional, novice and "just for fun" ~

How amazing that just one photo a year could reveal so much of one's life...

And yes, all of her 88 years are in this one short video.

And to the Young?


 Life really does go by that fast...



  1. Oh, my gosh. FW, that brought tears to my eyes! How utterly precious! I thank you so much for sharing that. My mother-in-law, whom we care for 24/7 in her own home (thankfully close by) will be 88 Sept. 1. You have no idea what I would give for such a record of her life. Thank you so much!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Bessie!

    What a nice tribute.

  3. What a sweet video. I hope Bessie takes many more pictures with her birthday cakes.

  4. Oh I love that!! I'd love to have an album like that for myself. Wish I'd done it years ago for my kids now. sigh.

  5. I think she is so sweet AND brave to share that - after all some of the outfits & hair I have worn over the years to fit the latest fashion still makes me cringe!! yikes!

    I hope she comes back in 10 years with additional photos ;)!


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