Dexter's new girlfriend...

  Here at the Wisconsin house, 
we all know that Dexter is suave and debonair with the ladies...

                                                                                                  photo by A. Lindstrom

Yesterday though he was taken aback, not quite knowing how to react,
when his new redheaded galpal, "Etta" 
jumped right into his outdoor water dish ~

and stayed there.

" uh, are you feeling okay, Etta? "

Actually, we were all taken aback...

 "uh, Etta, can you breathe?  Should we call 911?"

After all, this is not normal dog behavior at our house.

But apparently in Etta's world ~

it is!



  1. I would say you've got some pretty cute dog photos yourself!!! Adorable! Where do I get one of those white things the dog is lying in? My ducks would love that!

  2. omg, that's so cute! I love the hate picture too.

  3. Can't spell...I'll try again.

    Adorable pic of Etta taking a dip in the pool. And Dexter is one dapper dog in his hat. They are both adorable.

  4. Q & Q ~ home depot had an end of the summer clearance 2 summers ago on outdoor fountains/containers, I paid about $40. Its suppose to hold my extra pond plants (those babies that I end up giving to others lol) but it just ends up being dexters water dish... and now Etta's (the galpal neighbor) bathtub lol

    Its amazing how these animals communicate with each other; Dexter really was concerned about what she was doing!

  5. This is so funny, Janice! Etta really is a wierdo. I'm glad to hear Dexter is keeping tabs. ;]

  6. Our Abby loves her pool, and if it's not out, she'll crawl into a big metal tub we use for dog's that water dog in them! I love Etta's face in that last photo!

  7. Kaelie ~ she is a nut, but a beautiful nut! lol

    gtyyup ~ its definitely the breed - I have NEVER seen a dog blow bubbles in the water before, these water dogs are a hoot!


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