We have a great idea! Ebony's going to "horse" camp!


Ok, so the proper term is Horse training, but we dont have to tell him that. We want him to have more trail time, more "spook" time, more obstacle training time then I can give him right now.  We need to be able to ride in the Custer National Forest without him thinking cow herds are scary aliens, free range means running amuck, and that there is a mountain lion in every ponderosa pine.  So off he goes to  horse "camp".

I told him he will meet other boys his age that might pick on him at first, but soon they'll be best buds in no time (only if he respects others!).  I told him that the meals there will be round bale "all you can eats" (he likes that idea plenty!).  I told him that a pretty lady is going to have "chats' just with him frequently so he better put his "listening ears" on (he likes pretty ladies! Especially if they have snacks! "do they have snacks mom?")...all in all I think I have him convinced that  horse "camp" is a good thing.

Since "mom" can visit him (the place is 6 miles away woot woot!)  this should work out perfectly ~ we are still arranging the dates to see what will work.   And while he's at horse "camp" we'll be able to clean off the barn with a power washer, clean those icky stall mats, and re-seed the paddock ...And the best part is that when summertime is over, he will take a permanent vacation to Montana with "mom"!! With all the new skills he's learned at horse "camp"! OOOoooooo!  

Now only if he had an opposable thumb to write home...

naw, he's a boy, he'll be too busy having fun!!



  1. Have fun at Camp Ebony!!

    PS. No way am I getting a horse for my kid to replace his mouse. LOL. Let's do this slowly.. how about a rat?

  2. Thanks for following my blog. You've got quite the adventure ahead of you! I have to agree about the ex-Californian's running the east side of MT...same here in OR...very frustrating! Love all your photos and really enjoyed the video of the Grouse lek...awesome!

  3. And thanks for following mine :) Its amazing how much Montana has changed even in the last 10 years ~ it would be nice if people moving there would understand that making it like "back at home" doesnt make it Montana then, duh! i hope i remember that too for myself lol BTW Love your blog AND photography; with your natural eye I think we could go and buy you one of those little disposable cameras and you would make all the pictures look gallery worthy- its not the camera its the photographer for sure! btw, Im on my way there now to see your update :D

    Hey, thats an idea... we should all do a post, with pictures we took with the cheapest camera we could find.... !?

    AND im on the way to YOURS TOO LANA lol - stop with the rodents already; Tanner would love to ride to school on a nice horse! Theres always 4H and someone is always looking for a healthy 4H 'er to ride their horse in the horse program...just a thought...theres also a lot of horse crazy 4H'er girls... on second thought maybe a rat is a good idea :P!


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