Short Road trip for work led us here...

"I was born & raised a small little white girl on the muddy water floodplains of a tiny town in Northern Il..."

"Love" from from the people of Illinois...

So can you spot the two things gone bad** with this sign? 

(No wonder they put it out on HWY 73 - not much traffic!)

**hint~ its not "completed" and its "old news"!

For the answer, take your mouse and  click to highlight between the bars below

The "E" is not complete in "Welcome", and Lincoln was shot!  ~

(photos by Mr. Foresterman)


  1. That's cool how you hid the answer like that.

  2. aww.. did you pass through NW MO??

  3. lol ... we're from the South where they publish books that talk about how Lincoln was the precursor to the big government model we have today, lol .....

  4. Rising Rainbow - thanks! I think I may do it again sometime :)

    Lana - we went to NW Illinois, but if I ever came through your area, can I look you up for some cobbler and laughs?

    Q&Q - Lincoln is a huge deal in Illinois; license plates even say "Land of Lincoln"...I think today's generation of lil' Illinoi'ers probably even think he's the one who really invented the internet lol


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