I forgot all about this "passage of spring"!

How could I forget? Isnt this the loudest trill you ever heard?  Even more so then the lonely Owlboy (you can read about him here  ) Once again we are hearing the trill tonight, so no sleep for the weary.

Yes, this is your average  "American Toad" Anaxyrus Americanus ...  i soo love latin! Its so sexy, esp. when my Mr. Foresterman speaks it to me in the woods, calling trees out by their proper name, lovingly touching the leaves.. errr  tangent, soorry!  Hide the kiddies eyes & ears from this post! AND DO you know why?

Because Mr. Anaxyrus Americanus is calling for Mrs. Anaxyrus Americanus to do the "toad tango" in our goldfish pond! And to leave you with this very humiliating but funny story...

The first time these sounds happened at night, I wasnt aware that this sound were toads calling for their mates.  I just thought they were annoying bug sounds (lots of bugs in WI)   However, in broad daylight, one Sunday after church, in all of my 42 year old, mother of two, "innocence",  I thought I found a big old toad bullying a little petite toad by squeezing it to death, and with that thought I tried my hardest to pull them apart...ouch. And yes, I know, I went to school for ANIMAL SCIENCE.  ouch.

So while poor Mr. Anaxyrus Americanus had Mrs. Anaxyrus Americanus in a tight clench of "toad tango" (talk about performance anxiety, poor guy!)  I carried them all around the house asking my Mr. Foresterman and each girl if they could help me "undo" them somehow because "surely the big toad is going to kill the little defenseless toad"....

Whew. Thank you for letting me share this humiliating moment.




  1. Humiliating moments happen to the best of us...but, that was a pretty good one! Huge chuckle ;~)


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