Cows for Lana (part of her moo-therapy)

Lana loves cows. And it is very fun to read her blog, as she takes us basically everywhere in her photography - antique fairs, hospitals, chicken coops and yes, cow pastures.  Since I just happen to have some photographic forestry moments with cows, I am posting them just for her to enjoy..and anyone else who has "cow moo-ania"...


"just like her moo-mma"

"early moo-rning Black Hills timber cruise"

"the moo-atriach"

"who? Moo-i?"

"Moo-ntana Angus - outstanding in their field"

"cows in the moo-ist"

and finally...

"When the cows come home"  

(what were you expecting? Another moo-arvelous title? :)


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