You know you are Feral when....

-you contemplate using the leaf blower in subsitution for the vacuum

especially when you stir up massive amounts of 
 as you walk through the house. 

Yep; just turn 'er on and blow that fluff right out the door where it came from...



  1. EEK!

    Love the vacuum too much to trade it in!

  2. Lana, you must have a vacuum that doesnt talk back or leave crumbs behind; thats a gooood vacuum ~ I'd make a lifelong commitment too! :D

  3. OH, dear. I'm unfamiliar with "feral" when used in this context, but I must be a candidate ... I am guilty of having done this, lol! With six dogs there is always a lot of hair.I love both the resourcefulness as well as the practicality of your practice here ... and clearly, you think outside the box! I'm a crazy young fifties wife/mother/dog breeder/photographer, slack homeschooler and mother in law caretaker and usually manage to find the fun and unusual in just about everything ... it sounds as if you do, too! Three cheers, and nice to meet you!


  4. Welcome Q&Q! Nice to meet you too! And it sounds like we have some things in common... :D !


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