Waiting patiently for results ~ FERAL FORESTRY !

See those trees? I was up there! 
nooo, not the ones below...the ones up on top! 

Yes,  I am a "timber cruiser"
and proud of it.  I have been doing this for 15 years now and for some sick reason it's my favorite part of working in Forestry.  It's long hours, dangerous situations, and demands constant education to keep up with the technology of handheld cruiser PDA's, codes, and GPS's.  I have constantly walked over 100 acres daily, met up with bears/ wild critters, and  have gotten rained on, snowed on, and worse of all hailed on in pellets the size of big butt acorns that aim for the uncovered bits.  OUCH!

One of the goals I have is to share some forest stories & photos here on this blog that might not be ones you have ever read nor seen before...through the eyes & "voice" of a feral Forestry woman! 

this is a picture of a very tired timber cruiser 
without her high heels and makeup boring her "site" tree -
 over 1900 trees bored last summer!

Sometimes it snows ~ excellent for bugs, 
though hard to walk through!

This is a pine marten ~ cute but he'd rip your face off if he had a chance.  

He's related to the weasel family, 

so maybe that is where the aggression comes from ~ 
everyone knows you can't  trust a weasel...

So after this dramatic self-pride issues introduction, time for the boring tedious part...

Part of the timber cruising process involves placing bids to work for private, state and federal forestry agencies.   And  yet another part of that is waiting for the results to see if you are the "lowest priced" qualified bidder.  That's where we are today, waiting to see if we get any work this summer out west. It's kind of like the lottery, seeing if you 'picked" the winning numbers. That's where we are, waiting.  

Kind of like what Dexter does when we are finished at the end of the day ...




  1. No idea what most of that meant (i'm like a monkey looking at a football), but the pics are awesome.

  2. Actually, I knew that timber cruisers existed just haven't met one before. Sounds like solitary work but the surroundings are sure beautiful.


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