Me and Tomez our cat have something in common; we both want to just get out of this house.  

Its a nice house, really... actually a gorgeous house we designed and built ourselves here in NW Wisconsin with some help here and there...but we are in the process of getting it ready to put it up for sale, which means making it "neutral" ??!!, cleaning up, and  finishing all the things that didnt get finish while we were busy raising kids and starting a business.  Sounds like life to me'  as the song goes!

Our Kids turned out to be such good kids though -  but I'm sure lately their ears have been ringing, as their feral mother mutters on and on while packing, painting, cleaning, making excuses, blaming them for all those things that have not been finished or things that are broken or missing, including my good pair of earrings I just wore last week, or the misplaced packing tape...even though it has been 3 years since the last one moved out and they both live approx. two states away.  

Bad mom. I know. But good kids, go figure...

Soooo, on that note,
Happy Mothers Day to all Moms...
And big hugs to the good kids who love them!!!!

especially good kids who as teenagers took the initiative and got an idea to eat chips & dip in the tub while on vacation 
so mom & dad wouldnt have to step on smeared dip & crumbs-  now thats love!

ps - shout out to Lana, thanks for following!


  1. aww.. thanks! I feel all special now, glad I read to the end. LOL.

    LOVE the reflection in the door. great shot! And I won't show that pic to my husband, he always is after the kids for getting "crumbs" in the house.

  2. Hi there! What a neat job you have! I was born in a small logging town in British Columbia and have a inate love of the back country having spent my childhood out driving logging roads, hiking and camping:) For the past five years or so I've lost touch with my roots but have just started to feel the call of the wild, so to speak... I hope to spend a lot more time hiking this year.

    I'll be back!


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