AND still waiting...

Will we get the job?  Only the Forest Service knows for we wait...should hear very soon either way.

In the meanwhile, in honor of the extreme summer temps we are getting here while packing, "neutralizing" the "for sale house"   and  anything else that has popped up (insert words that involve stress RIGHT here) etc., I decided to show you a -10 degree working day from this past winter.  Yes, -10.  Forestry dont come without a price, and sometimes that means freezing your cahoony off, until that menopausal moment in your woolies hiking up a big stinkin' hill....then  you sweat and get get itchy. A forestry fun fact brought to you by...

So let us begin a photographic memory of when it was -10 cool outside in SW Wisconsin in honor of the 80 degree temps we have been getting lately here in NW Wisconsin....shall we?

These guys are who we work with, daily.  Mr. Foresterman and Dexter the white Samoyed.  
They both have huge appetites and will eat my lunch if I cant finish it.  Dont they look happy? 
They just had lunch...

Poor Dexter. 

In temps like this, 
usually we can walk on top of the snow.  
Oops! Not in that spot, Dex...

Its so cold out that there is frost around the little airholes of the critters who are sleeping in for the winter!

Never saw a poor Oak tree with a hole in the middle, and he is still living!  This probably happened when a large branch on the other side came down, leaving a crack. As the years progressed, water made it into the crack, freezing in the winter and expanded it to what we see today.  Chances are that bugs, birds, and animals will slowly take down this tree. 

Dexter likes to look at trees too.  And squirrels.

All in all, Trees are fun just to look at!

And so are animal tracks in the snow.
 This one here tells a story, of the mouse that got away. You can see where the owl or hawk landed, with wing marks, trying to get his morsel meal.  But looks like the lil' mouse with his long tail hopped away! Good job mouse!  But just dont have mouse babies with big aspirations 
of living in someone's warm house someday, ok?


I also love looking at the "understory" - the different plants that live under and by the trees.  Even Queen Ann's Lace looks cool in the winter!

Yep, Dexter likes winter Forestry work!

So will we be working in the Black Hills again this summer, Dexter?  Stay tuned...


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