Things women do in NW Wisconsin

Hunting Sisters Capture Black Bear On BlackBerry Reporting Caroline Lowe RICE LAKE, Wis. (WCCO) ―

Two young women hunting in Wisconsin not only have an amazing story to share, they have the video to go with it. Katie Gotch came within a few feet of a huge black bear while she was hunting in Wisconsin with her sister and their father.  "He was probably between you and me away. And we were sitting on the ground, we weren't up in a tree stand. So he could have come over and shook our hands," said Katie. She was describing just how close she and her sister Kris got to a 400 pound black bear over the weekend in Rice Lake, Wis.  "He sits down like seven feet away from us and just looks at us ... and then he just walks away, he goes around us," said Katie. The sisters were turkey hunting in Wisconsin. Katie fell asleep with her shotgun in her lap. Suddenly Kris woke her up to a bear nipping at their turkey decoys.  "My sister is like, 'What do we do? What do we do?' I'm like 'Shhhh, be quiet, don't talk, be quiet,'" recalled Katie. The sisters sent a text message to their father who was hunting a few miles away with another sister.  "I get a text from Kristine that that there's a bear in the decoys and I just text her back 'Kris, scare it off, give it a good yell and he'll run,'" said Tom. They ignored their father's advice and Kris grabbed her BlackBerry phone camera. "She's recording this on a hot pink phone, with her hot pink nails and I'm like, 'He's totally going to see us, he's going to come after us.' SO I am like just be calm, don't move. So he's walking toward us," Katie said.  Frustrated the decoys weren't real turkeys, the bear eventually wandered off and the sisters     posted their video on YouTube .   So far, more than 300 views. But with those views, their father had some advice:  "I have advised the both of them 'Don't ever do that again,'" said Tom. 

The sisters left behind a cookie for the bear and it was gone when they returned the next day to hunt. They never did catch any turkeys.

Dontcha just love the idea of the hot pink blackberry phone and hot pink nails to match?  Now thats real outdoor women; Good luck next season, girls!


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