New "words" I'm learning in Montana!

Here is a partial list of words that I am learning as I go along...sometimes I dont follow well as I am feral, but its the best description I can come up with right now...

"outfit" = as in truck, not a fashion statement.  Though you can make your truck your fashion statement. Accessory buying is necessary buying, always, especially when it comes to vehicles. Gun racks optional.

"ranch" = anything over a section of land.  Under that amount it would be called "place" as in "FW's place". Or "land" as in "federal land", unless someone has a special permit then its called "grazing rights", although not to be confused with "haying rights".  I think. Im still confused and I will update you as soon as I know.

"stocks"=  not as in Wall Street but as in stanchions for cows. Holds them in place for S&M bondage sessions with cowboys and cowgirls, although this is for "their own good". Cant argue that.

"neighbors"= not necessarily next door; can be up to 25 miles away, unless they are across county or state lines.  Then its "those folks".

"liberals"= people who live in Missoula.

"western Montana"= ex-Californians who are ruining the state of Montana.

Anyone have any others I havent learned yet?


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