Back to Wisconsin; green gahanna

We arrived back at Wisconsin a week ago to flowers, leaves, GREEN everywhere - spring came early. As in 4 weeks early...cue  "NOOOOOOOOoooooooooOOOOooooooooo" as I stood in the front yard the next morning...

The front garden was overflowing with weed greenery. The fish pond was overflowing with fuzzy greenery.  The towel that I had used to wash the cat before we left was getting nasty greenery.  At that moment I could have used some quietex to mix into my coffee cup I was holding...

"Hey you, lady!  LADY!  Down here! 
Can you stop crying into that quietex bucket & clean out this green goop please? "

You see, if spring arrives in my yard, that means I need to add it to the "to do" list.  The "to do" list has work, pack, and work on it, nothing else.  So I am not going to notice that theres weed pulling, raking, trimming, etc.  because my "to do" list doesnt have time for an early spring...And my "to do" list is already at its pinnacle of pushing me over the edge to that place where the screaming harpies live.  You know, the ones who have snapped like a green bean right at the moment when their husband asks them if they plan on doing laundry today.  That innocuous question has probably put more husbands in lethal danger then forgetting an anniversary or birthday.  In fact, I am sure that them mentioning they are down to those "red underwear you bought me before we were married, is laundry going to be done soon?"  has started more divorce proceedings then you can swing a clenched fist at.  I digress; you know what I am aiming at errr attempting know what I mean...

Being a feral woman means being able to walk away without guilt.  So he has to wear the red ones, so what? Im down to my last pair of socks too you know. Laundry will get done by both of us as needed, and not a day sooner, so says the "to do" list...And so the green stuff  will grow outside, and Im not going to look. Nope, not looking, not pulling no stinking little weeds at all, not even the one that I have to step over time after time thats in the front step crevice....waving its little frondy hand at me, laughing at me, taunting me,

Excuse me, I have to go yank something now


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