WARNING: Sharp learning curve ahead - Epiphany Week

I had an epiphany this week: I must learn to "settle"  in Montana, especially when it comes to fresh fruits and vegetables.  Since the closest town is 40 miles away from our house, shopping for food will be a planned event, no more spontaneous "gee lets go to the store"...and fresh will be limited to what they have.  No more quiet church lady muttering in the produce aisle because of prices and quality.  This could be hard as I like to pontificate. To the point where a glass of wine might be handy. Looks like I got a lot of learnin' to do...

Here in St. Croix Falls, produce can be iffy at most.  The closest store is a chain that kicked out the local "little guy" store many moons ago; now they are crying "foul!" as an even larger chain (which will go nameless but rhymes with "maul-start") is putting them out. Both absolutely stink when it comes to produce.  Either its what fell off the truck from countries I never heard of ("do they have facilities to wash their hands after they go while in the field? Call OSHA!!!") or its something you will bring home and in a matter of hours, its either mush, or dry, or both ("where was this stored?  did it come by the way of the Arctic or the Sahara?"). sigh.

So off I go a half hour away to the twin cities to buy my happy organic produce that came from happy organic farms where the content cows live to a ripe old age, the happy chickens have their happy pecky beaks, and those happy critters that willingly give up their lives are rewarded many virgin brides & hubbys and lots and lots of juicy non-hybrid corn kernels in that faraway happy farm in the sky...and I feel better buying and eating it, a basic win-win situation.

So back to my epiphany; I think there is a sharp learning curve ahead for me ...though if I remember correctly this little "40 mile away" Montana store does have a great wine selection...right above the produce.


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