Sometimes there is no time....

And Im having one of those know, where you start off with good intentions and an ACTUAL the end of the day you have added more to the list and the items you crossed off are few.  And when I lay in bed at night, my mind cant shut off, so I'm making lists in my head. And when I wake up in the morning, I kind of feel like this... owl barf...

A compressed bundle of bones, fur and what else being helplessly squeezed through a tiny opening...and a very sharp beak.

Ever feel like this?


PS   This is a real owl pellet; the regurgitated remains of some little rodent.  An Owl cannot use the bones or fur for food, so he coughs up this little specimen for us to study.  Normally I break them apart to see what (or who ! :) our owl friend has eaten, but since it was below 10 degrees in January it was frozen solid to the snow.  Keep your eyes open out in the woods for these little "interesting"  finds year 'round!


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