“Feral ~ from feminine of ferus wild: having escaped from domestication and become wild…”


One of those things I just might NOT miss here in the Northwoods...

Last night we were kept awake for what seemed to be an eternity. And since we're missing that extra hour too, it  makes it a little hard to appreciate that this will probably be the last time we will hear this while we live here, in the northwoods...


Apparently he will continue to sound off until he finds a lady owl.  Then he stuffs his mouth with a mouse and does a little dance, bobbing closer and closer until she makes up her mind.  Actually, it's kind of somewhat similar to my husbands marriage baiting process that he did to attract me... although minus the mouse.  The initial calling repeatedly was a little annoying too; these male species might have more in common then they realize...

If you listen to the sound on the link, and understand that they do this continually for hours on end, NOCTURNALLY...then you'll understand why my post today is short. Time to drink more tea and struggle through some work.

Just hope he finds his girl.

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