Not so pretty world...

I have been a pursuer of equus blogs for quite some time; its one of the reasons that I decided to start blogging myself.  Its an excellent way to journal your experience and learn from it.  And many blogpeople have many pretty horses, pretty barns, pretty lives.  

We don't.

This is my reality to the left here this morning.  Its mud season, and my guy loves mud. And he's hairy right now - in places where he's not shedding out. 

Itchy roll-y ugly. In the mud.

And to think theres gonna be gumbo in springtime Montana     :o !!! 

Combine that with my outfit on the right from this morning - feeding IN THE RAIN again -  we all be ugly here.  Yes, that is a yellow t-shirt that has an octopus on the front that says "happy arms are for hugging".  With a purple zip hoodie. And very ugly boots that some embarrassed sheep gave up willingly.  And I might have forgotten to use a hairbrush... Can you tell that I work in the woods where no one sees you?  Though this might explain why bears run the other way when they see us...

So not a pretty bloggers world over here.  Its downright butt-ugly actually...If the Hunter/Jumper world could see how far I have slid, they would whisper to each other that it was all the falls I have taken in my horsey life.  And yes, I fall off - another not so pretty fact around here. 

Yep, springtime in the northwoods brings out the worse kind of feral in both of us...ugly feral.


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