A good distraction: the Perfect Helmet...

Laying forlornly on the dining room table with all the other neglected mail while we have been packing, I finally picked up this months practical horseman and took it to the bathtub with me to read (bad habit, but since I dont smoke or watch TV, I gotta have me some type of vice...)

OOoLaLa, lookee on the cover! No, not Theodore Boris (although he is cute for his age...) and no, not his mount, Camiro Z  (also cute for his age).  Im talking the GPA Speed air helmet he's got on  http://www.zinio.com/pages/PracticalHorseman/Apr-10/416119560/pg-1 
With its low profile, and MY GOODNESS!!! the lightweight venting going on, this has to be my new helmet for my new home!   http://www.gpa-sport.com/en/helmets/fiche.php?idprod=147# 

I was dreading the thought of riding in the Big Sky sun where summer heat can get up into the 90's and beyond... but this venting system is aerodynamically perfect.  Add to the fact that it does not look like the top of a baby bottle is the biggest plus. Its tough enough being a huntseat rider in Cowboy territory; I certainly dont want to be known as the baby bottle nipple head woman who falls off... it will be tough enough to be known as the woman who falls off period (kind of like a Bronco-sprayed fly on the underside of a pony - you get the drift... ) And then they'll say "she works in the woods?" looking at each other skeptically...I digress. My bad. You dont need to be invited into my nightmares - that post will come soon enough..

So, before I get chastised by the helmet police, Yes, I do know the importance of helmets. But up to this point, I do prefer the look of a hunting cap. And Yes, Virgina, I am vain. What other middle aged woman who is pushing 50 and pushing up falling body parts isnt? Okay, maybe not all of you, but I am. I have been very blessed in the fact I have not broken anything (yet?!) since I do fall off occasionally. Unfortunately my personal safety has not really been a virtue of mine...Although Im extremely safety conscious in the woods.  For example, I am constantly paranoid of cliffs. And I carry a compass, lighter, knife and a roll of candy Sprees in case I get lost .  Sprees being the most important item actually. A little sugar goes a long way for the thinking dept., esp. when you don't recognize your whereabouts on the map. In fact I think I might have some left in my cruiser vest in the office... Yikes, tangent again, my bad!

So, sure, I will pass on mag. articles to others about helmets, vests, etc. but I have been evil when it comes to me...Not anymore! This changes everything... I am soo much in love, even though for the price (approx. $530.) I could use this amount to buy hundreds of plastic tubs to move our stuff in...but who am I kidding? I have already cleaned out the local store which rhymes with "maul-start" of their gray little tubs- maybe I could use the funds instead to buy stock in tubs...Nah, I gotta have this helmet!

Now, wheres that Visa Card Ive been hiding? Hmmm, On second thought, let's eat some Sprees first...

(this post was written on 3 cups of coffee, 5 hours of sleep, and completely surrounded by little gray tubs that need to be loaded on a horse trailer.  enuf' said...)


  1. Did you buy the helmet? I'm an english rider too in an area where everybody rides western. I've been neglectful of wearing my helmet for quite some time now!

  2. Oh I did! and you wouldnt believe how well it fits - i forgot i had it on, went inside the house and did some stuff for a half hour before I realized, "gee, im getting hot" lol

    And I agree - It is hard being a huntseat rider in a western world, but a good horseman is a good horseman no matter how we ride ;), right?


  3. Right! And I'll tell you what, I'll never go back to having the big thick saddle between me and my horse! I can't wait to hear more about Baby! Have you gotten him home yet?


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