My opposable thumbs are sore!

And I got sawdust in mah' pants...why you ask?   Tonight I was building a range hood made out of hard maple.  I almost took out the kitchen window by using a table saw inside but we can fix that later. So my thumbs are sore from gripping the wood so tightly so it wouldnt fling through large windows. $$Large$$ windows. And all of this for the sake of kitchen I wont use.  I'll post pictures later so you can see exactly what Im working on.

Getting this house ready to sell has taken its toll on me.  Last night I dreamt that I couldnt take the outhouse on wheels out for a drive because it was too dark.  Im not sure what symbolism a motorized outhouse in a dream represents but I know in real time the truck does need to be cleaned out...pressures on!

And all of this for a life in Southeastern Montana. Maybe, but only if the outhouse starts... 


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