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TESTING ONE TWO THREE  uh, this thing on? We went on Bloggers vacay! A LONG TIME VACAY    The following are only a few of the things I did and see. I'm saving the other stuff for blog posts. So I can learn how to grammar and having writing skilz again. I still live in a remote area of Montana,  and elk are not excellent writing critics like you all. but you should hear me do an Elk cow call... Anyhow, these are some of the places I went to because 1) rocks 2) really old rocks 3) rocky AND sandy beaches 4) do it before they close the borders to the US 5) whoops too late glad we went -Scotland 2019- -ST. Croix 2017- I'm also Unemployed now, since September 2019  the current WH administration hates Mother Nature,  and declared war on her Too bad you need trees to breathe though So I shoot things now because I have time when it's not glued to my finger. I'm still learning that part Honestly, the main reason I took a break from blogging though,   I was getting death threat

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