"Feral ~ from feminine of ferus wild: having escaped from domestication and become wild"...


Its that time of year

A realistic portrayal pictorial of Haying
right now

First day-

The rest of the week-




  1. NICE lightning shot! Great new header photo! Gorgeous view of a green, sunny valley. Make hay while the sun shines. When it rains,nap--even if it takes all week. Better luck this week.

  2. Love love love your header.
    Haying is the same here. Well, we do not have the pretty lightning shots. We do have heat that is hotter than you know where. We also have sleeping workers. I have to say Ranger is the cutest worker ever.
    Good luck getting your hay off. It is certainly like a Montana year here. HOT HOT HOT. Hug B

  3. Your new header is fabulous!!

  4. Both shots are gorgeous (although I imagine one is more ideal for haying than the other).

  5. My husband always says, a good way to make it rain is to cut your hay...LOL


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