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April 16, 2014

feeling mutual

So, are they getting along?

She adores him.

He is "the cat's meow"...

I think its love.

most times mutual!


it only took 4 weeks!




 i am thee cat whisperer.



I have a 
can opener;

opposable thumbs


cans of Friskies.


am i earning my cat goddess status?




  1. Oh now this is the cutest thing I ever did see:):):) Makes a farmgirl's heart sing to see such a beautiful love. You truly are the cat whisperer. 4 weeks now that is amazing. LOVE LOVE every snuggly photo and your header oh my goodness it is incredible. xo

  2. Aaawwwwww, I love a story with a happy ending!

  3. That new macro header picture is just the cats meow as in prefect I mean ~
    as the post is actually the cats meow ~ as in cats
    ~ cats in love , not on hot tin roofs. Kitty love , kinda like puppy love only cats.
    Great cats whispering , as you can tell no cats have my tongue today.
    Okay , okay enough of my babble . Happy to see they are purr-fect for one another :))
    psst this message is just between us right( well and Buttons oh and Melody up above ,
    it's okay I know her and she be good with funny)
    anyone else might mistake it for a bit crazy ... nope just my quirky humor ;)

    1. okay ~ and perhaps a "wee" bit stir crazy.
      It WAS a long Winter huh lol

  4. Love your pictures--the cats AND the header!!

  5. Gosh darn, that's adorable! You are thee whisperer, indeedy!

  6. OK Bastet, you are the one :) Great pictures, sweet sweet sweet

  7. Awwww! How sweet are these pictures? Adorable!

  8. Love the new cover photo - fuzzy petals. They are cute together!

  9. It doesn't get much sweeter than that! All I can say is Awwwwwwwwwwwwww.... :)

  10. Pasque Flowers for Easter, and cuddly kitties.... life is good.

  11. Awwww..I think my Katie girl needs a pal. Wonder if she would eat him though...she's such a mean diva.

  12. Cat Goddess and Yenta of the Feline World! At least twice we added new kitties to our already be-catted kingdom and both times it was true disdain and contempt from first glance until death.

  13. p.s. did you have to lie down in the brush or just get down on your knees to get that super flower header shot? The things we do for our cameras....

  14. Love your purple tulips, by the way.
    And the cats are just crazy adorable.

  15. When I had 3 cats they tolerated each other, but never got that close.

  16. They look quite the pair. As long as they're getting along, they're not shredding your curtains, or other things in the house.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  17. Adorable! Glad they connected. Now they'll be pals for life!

  18. OMG, I think those are some of the most adorable photos I've ever seen. They ooze sweetness. Makes me want to pick both of them up for a snuggle! I'm glad they are mostly over their difficulties.

  19. Awwwww, just so cute! I glad Tomaz has a girlfriend now!

  20. The old cat goddesses that ruled Egypt have nothing on you. These are the most special cat pictures I have EVER seen. You are the cat goddess of the north country. And you are also the cat healer. Every time I see Tomaz, I am so happy. I'm sorry I am late to see these pictures, I have been busy writing every day for the A to Z Challenge. I think my writing is improving, which is a good thing. Today's letter is S and you know who I had to feature. If you can stand seeing my white fluffmonster, please come on by. If not, I understand. Hugs, Inger

  21. Oh, so cute! I wish our kitty would enjoy being indoors... and, when we arrived home, we had a visiting kitty. I am not certain if he/she is living here or just visiting - he/she is too shy and keeps a low profile!

  22. Glad they got along so well!!
    Nice flowers in your Picture...


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