"Feral ~ from feminine of ferus wild: having escaped from domestication and become wild"...



There are times in ones life where good things just get blocked...

good things.

I have struggled and struggled to try to start writing here
my mind would just stop.
I couldnt go any further.

But after doing some creative thinking,

I got an idea.


It will help me organize the photos I have from the last two years.

They need to be cleaned up.

I have done some pretty adventurous things the past two years
(not including fire. we did fire. we be done.)
we met some pretty incredible people with their incredible animals.

and we went to fantastic places.

And took some photos.

 we took lots of photos.

So starting with January of 2012

i will be posting, 
using these photos and more.

I have so many that have never been seen,
and the subject matter in them needs to be seen.

And while im doing that,
i will be able to clean up


and move on.

Because thats what its about, you know.

Everything we do,

we need to keep this in mind -

  To Keep moving on.

So starting Sunday night,

Im going to post photos from the last two years starting with January 2012.

and write.


be prepared.

youve been warned.




  1. Heerlijk om zo alles de revue nog eens te laten passeren.

  2. Oh my friend I am so excited you are one amazing photographer and to see the world through your eyes will be an honour we will all enjoy. OK have to say that "discard" thing scares me I could not do that. Oh your photos your photos I LOVE them.
    That is a big commitment and I cannot wait to watch you succeed. YEAH xoxo

  3. Beautiful, intriguing photos. I can't wait to see more.

  4. Well! You're 'Movin' On' - just like Hank Snow (we're talking TWANG). . .love it! I'm now sharing your pics with my hubby - he enjoys them, too . . . keep 'em coming!! I also think Tourism Montana should really be tipping their hat to you. .

  5. i hope this is just a melancholy sort of feel due to change of seasons and that all is well with you and your health and your world. and i am looking forward to seeing your images of such beautiful country and critters. but hope everything is okay, too.

  6. Hmmm, a little worrisome, hope there is nothing majorly bad going on that you had to move on from.
    But- I'm looking forward to this series of posts, you got a great start with this set of photos.

  7. My dear girl, I can't wait!!!!! I'm just astounded by these pictures. They take me right out there with you and for that I am so grateful. Here's hoping that you'll continue to do adventurous things during the next two years, too.

  8. If those pictures are just teasers, we'll be in for a treat!

  9. Your pictures are gorgeous, your presentation here will make everyone want to come back for more. It's good to hear from you, my friend.

  10. Please, please follow through as best you can on this adventure. Your photos and your writing deserve to be seen and enjoyed. There must be a great story behind all of those shots. You could post daily for years. DO IT.

  11. Just dropping by, but perhaps I'll stay. I like the compositions of your photos - you see the small details which I love. Good Luck on your venture. I live in the West, too.

  12. Lovely photos and I look forward to seeing more! A couple of them made me laugh, like the Forest Service pack mule (he does NOT look happy) and the Polo players! The December 2013 issue of Western Horseman has a nice article about the Rocky Mountain Regional Forest Service pack crew based in Colorado, perhaps they are the ones you met? :)

  13. yes....that's what we all do...move on! the photo of the mirror reflecting the sun definitely made me cry. We all have stories tucked inside...whether they are your stories, mine or someone else's...they are worthy of being shared. It keeps them alive....so we can move on! In remembering...nothing is lost! Keep to it. It is a worthy task you've set before you.

    blessings for today and bright hope for tomorrow

  14. How wonderful, I can't wait :-)
    Gorgeous pictures!!!

  15. Bring it on is right!! I too hope all is well- I've been absent from blogging for a month- so much fun to do......! Enjoy the days- we will so enjoy the photos!!
    Rain :)

  16. You are so Right about moving on.....and we will enjoy every picture you post! Thank you for taking the time.

  17. Love, love, love your plan - and your photos, which take me right back home again whenever I'm missing that part of the country! Can't wait...

  18. This collection of photos is FANTASTIC! Can't wait to see more....you are good at this picture taking stuff.

  19. I can't wait! What a wonderful sneak preview. I do so adore both your photos and your stories. <3

  20. I'll be waiting. You sweeping landscapes make me yearn to come west again. I love the mountains.


  21. Beautiful photos. Like everyone else, I am so looking forward to more! You have an incredible eye.

  22. You are off to a great start! Love these photos.

  23. Wow! Those are amazing photos. And such a breadth of subject matter. I'm looking forward to more!

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  24. Well alrighty then! LOL! I am in the process of cleaning out old folders of my photos, too. Great shots today!!

  25. I can't wait to see more. I LOVE the pictures you post. It takes me a long time to 'read' your posts because I get lost in the images you share!

  26. Beautiful Pictures!!Excited to see more.

  27. You go girl! Hey I remember that balcony photo. You were sleeping in another man's bed!!!

    Cindy Bee

  28. Looking forward to it. Hope all is okay.

  29. A picture is worth a thousand words--& your pictures are fantastic!!

  30. What a great idea, I know I have so many photos nevered shared because they just weren't part of a story. I am going to love seeing what you have been keeping from us. No words are needed the beauty and the photos tell the story. This are all so special, I can see why you want to share them.


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