"Feral ~ from feminine of ferus wild: having escaped from domestication and become wild"...


Non-similiar pentagonical items for that day of the week before Saturday and following Thursday

Or in other words -  "Random Five Friday." 
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Yes. I have not blogged since FEBRUARY 

I most likely will indeed burn in blogger's hell or sit in bloggers purgatory for it 
at some point in my life.

Like now.

How about now? 

Since I haven't figured out what blogger's hell is yet 

(Writer's block? Making bad puns? Downloading the same photos for the fifth time?!)

 This is what I have been doing instead -


Finding good uses for tequila bottles. 

The 2012 fire cleanup crew 
needed this.

Medicinal purposes.

Now they are fulfilling a different kind of medicinal need.

Body wash, soap, Epsom salts.

And mouthwash.

Its a lot of fun to swig out of the bottle every night.

Side note -  you know when it's bad when your Mr. Foresterman,

who really doesn't partake, 

was looking for a State of Montana liquor store on your behalf

(yes, there are such stores & that is just another thing that makes this State great)

because he recognized it as 


Such a good man.


Cows are popping out babies everywhere.


This little one  gave me the side-eye the other day

"Pfft, think I look good now? Wait until I'm at shipping weight..."


"Mama, what's shipping weight?"


When not timber cruising 

I am designing decorative brick pillars for below our deck.


No more cleaning up after the fire, now I get to LANDSCAPE.


I have callouses on my callouses and bruises in the weirdest places.

Who'd have thunk that brick could be so entertaining?

In Montana, we don't play with Legos.

no sirree.


We play with the real thing.



We took time out to visit the granddog In Wisconsin.

He is the smartest and cutest granddog 
we think
in the world.

Look at him teach his dad how to walk along side of him 
while he plays on the tee-totter!

Isn't he the smartest cookie dog ever?

Rangerdog came with us,
but he was like

"oh hella no."

when we showed him the obstacle course at the Doggy Park.

I think timber cruising is going to his head.

"who needs a tee-totter when you got logs with rabbits under them?"


For the very first time,

I got to make a floral arrangement

since the daughter's wedding of 2012.


It is grand and in your face.

Why wouldn't it be?

Its conception waited a looooong time.

It takes up 3/4's of this corner. 

"Poke your Eye out" Floral Arrangements

by feral woman.


I am the crappiest selfie photographer


You'd think I have something grossly wrong with me


I seem to cut off portions of my face, body, etc.


I can't even get my horse

who weighs 1100 lbs

into the frame.

No wonder I have the minimum amount required for friends on Facebook.