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May 18, 2015

NEPAL NOTES part दुई

October 19, 1989


(2:40 am Bangkok Airport)

We left San Francisco at 2 pm yesterday on flight 805. Midway enroute to Hong Kong our flight attendants were called to the cabin phones in what was apparently some type of emergency situation. Afterwards some of them looked very worried. Nothing was said to us. It’s a little disconcerting when some of your flight attendants are crying! 

The wings were still there!

I’m looking out the windows to see if our wings are still there or showing any signs of weakness. The crew was called back to the phones an hour later. It get's one's imagination working! Upon landing at the Hong Kong Airport, the Captain announced that at 5:04 pm a major earthquake hit San Francisco. The terminal we left from was damaged,and 200 people were estimated dead in the city.

   We missed that by 3 hours.

We had a brief layover in Hong Kong, 
then continued on in the night to Bangkok, Thailand.

Presently we’re hanging around the Bangkok airport waiting for daybreak. About two dozen others are doing the same; mostly other trekkers by their appearance. We have a one day/one night layover in Bangkok before we are to continue on to Nepal.

When we first arrived at the airport we were besieged by cab drivers ready to take us to whatever hotel they favored. Being rather late we didn’t want to take a shot in the dark and possibly be dumped in an unfamiliar part of a strange city at midnight so we decided to wait for dawn. 

I’m not that adventurous.


If you have any questions at this point,
feel free to ask in the comments below
I will be able to answer in next week's post!


May 12, 2015

Nepal Notes

And so it begins. 

I met Mr. Foresterman back in 1996 and as our friendship grew, I found out this "never before married" man was a very interesting man indeed - Not only did he keep me interested, but we also had a lot in common - that persistent love of adventure, and the great outdoors.  To this day, what I find most fascinating of him is his easygoing ability to take things in stride, and his friendly ability to seek out those answers to questions that pop up in life.  I am giddy that he wishes to share his enlightening month-long journey to the Himalaya here with you, because not only does his words reveal Nepal's beauty, but it also gives insight to the man I chose to marry and spend the rest of my days with.  He really is that kind of special.

He begins his wonderful tale today with his thought process of   "how and why the Himalaya?".  

Please give a warm hardy welcome to Mr. Foresterman 
as he introduces his series on his journey to Nepal!



In the Autumn of 1989 I took a trip to Nepal with my sister, Jane.
The following posts will be excerpts from my journal 
(sketchy notes!) I took at that time. 

     October 17, 1989    

(Airborn, somewhere over the western US)

As I sit staring out the plane window, realizing I will be spending the next 24 hours in the air, I remember how this all began. Last November (1988) A friend had asked me to be a co-facilitator at a "PIP Fest" held at the local high school in the town where I live. PIP stands for "Partners in Prevention" as regards to alcohol and drug abuse. High school students were divided into small groups for the weekend. In our initial meeting people were paired up so we could get acquainted with one other person, and then introduce them to the group. My partner was a fourteen year girl I had not met before or since. Though a very quiet person, she asked some very intelligent questions. One of them was, "Have you reached all your life's goals yet?"

It was a very thought provoking question on her part, and given my age (31), I had not thought in terms of specific goals for quite a while. Later that week I put together a list of goals in various areas; financial, spiritual, physical, intellectual, etc.. As one of my intellectual goals I thought I should include some place I'd like to visit. The Himalaya came to mind. However I did not think much of it at the time because my idea of a big vacation is a five day $200 backpacking trip to Wyoming. But the attraction to the Himalaya is an obvious one on my part; the wild and remote scenery.

When I went to my parent's house at Christmas, my sister Jane mentioned she had a lot of miles built up on United Airlines, and could travel 2 for 1 almost anywhere in the world.  Graciously she had asked me "was there anywhere you'd like to go?"

I had a ready answer.


Unfortunately another earthquake has struck Nepal as this post was going up.

The Care charity is already established in Nepal.
Only 10% of monies raised goes towards fundraising.
Specially designated Funds will go 
directly to Nepal to help.

Please click on the link below if you are able to help out!

May 4, 2015

Ranger Update

He now weighs over 80 lbs.  

It could be more.

We cant lift him anymore to weigh him.

If you remember when we adopted him,

the shelter's vet said he was 2 years old.

At that time he weighed only 60 lbs.

Now we know the truth that 
he was only a year old.

He's a little over 18 months now.

They stop growing, right?

I sure hope he slows down in the food dept. 

Speaking of dept.'s
we take him everywhere with us
into every ranching store that allows him,

he thinks all stores should let him in.

He gets especially upset
when food stores dont.

But didnt he turn into a handsome dog?

Hes a good worker in the woods,
travels well,
everyone loves to say hello
to the gentle giant.

He says hello back with his big furry tail.

Thank you again,

 Our fur baby has turned into a Handsome Fur Grownup!

Meanwhile, back at the office, 
Mr. Foresterman is working...
and thanks to you all,
occasionally writing on Nepal!

Sure, thanks....

Ranger would rather be in the woods though...!