"Feral ~ from feminine of ferus wild: having escaped from domestication and become wild"...

April 24, 2015

My good friend Inger, 
my Swedish Goddess, 


Her husband left this world on Wednesday.

Her husband was her rock,
the same way my Foresterman 
is mine.

The world lost a good man.

I would so appreciate if you could visit her blog and surround her with love today...

the same way you surrounded me
when my world burned down around me.

You guys are the best there is,
Thank you!


April 18, 2015

tootin' my own horn

This is a photo of me at age 2. 
Did you need to ask?


You know you still got it when ~

You can wake up in the morning.

Thats all. 
Just waking up.
You older people know what Im talkin' about.

You actually give people's birthday cards to them BEFORE their birthday.

Well, some of them.

You write to your Politicians in Office and they actually respond.

 Somehow I can write a polite coherent sentence
when all I can see are FLAMES!


 on the side of my FACE

You are riding your little mustang 
your husband asks you if you are making him do "all that". 

My aids are almost invisible - YES!


Too bad 
Im in my backyard in a desolate rural area,

and not at a show.

You are going back to work again in the woods.


and we are going to get paid!

Double yes!


SO What good things ARE happening for you ?






I mean



April 9, 2015

New Spring rains

Like rain from the sky, written words run in our family. My mother was a writer. She kept life journals, and travel journals, noting special occasions in her beautiful cursive handwriting. She would write letters to family and foe alike, and we even could include her jotting remarks on charts for her patients as a Pediatric RN. When she died in 2005, she left a legacy of words, a written trail for us to follow.

Recently my wonderful sister passed on to me an autobiography my mother wrote in 1942 when she was just 15 years old -

"My plans are not quite definite. I shall complete the four years of high school, and I would like to go to college. For a long time I have planned to be a nurse in the hospital or an army nurse. I like to get people well and happy. Another position I would like to have is that of a Chemist. I like Science and I would also like to study Biology. I think Chemistry is very interesting..."

Written many years ago, her words reveal so much of who she was, and was to become. Her love of Science and her determination of having a career was evident, even though this was not encouraged for women in 1942. Though she may not have felt like it at the time, she was brave, intelligent, and a writer; she could put into words her heart's desire by her own hand. And we, her family, were brought closer to her and to understanding our familial ties by reading her words. How magical that the written word can bind people, even after death!

So it is important for us to write, and leave behind the written word which can benefit others. Our words can flow into crevices of knowledge, emotion and entertainment, gathering momentum until they spill forever on those whose minds and hearts will read them. Such is the importance of the written word.

My mother's new words are no more.

But I continue to write on.

And now so does my Daughter.


Introducing a new Blog

 by blogger Wild Abigal 

Im very excited to do this interview, 
because the interviewee is my Daughter, Wild Abigal!

She has her own blog and is writing about her exploits 
of owning a small Lakeside cabin. 
Her writing skills will make you laugh and learn along with her
as she tackles new small home ownership 
with her handsome Husband, handsome Puppy 
and THREE fiesty cats! 

Im excited!  Let us begin, shall we?

Okay Wild Abigal, You come from a long line of storytellers, so my first question is - what do you like about writing in general, and how do you apply this to your blog?

​Well, I really, really love reading both factual and fictional stories. I think storytelling is very important to us as humans on both a cultural and personal level. ​It's how we share experiences and relate to one another. So writing/blogging to me serves as an extension of my own experiences that I can share with people who are not in my immediate everyday circle. I like writing because it opens that door for others to share their own stories and maybe give people a look into a life that's different from their own. By starting my blog, I really hope my writing can be inspirational yet down-to-earth. I think the best blogs out there, like yours, are approachable and uncomplicated views into a person's everyday existence. 

From one writer to another, thank you for that beautiful compliment! Hey, you have been always creative; now you own an etsy shop, The Handsome Hound and recently bought a small lake cabin, becoming part of the tiny house movement. What do you plan in the future for your blogposts? Will you be tackling new creative projects and writing about them?

Thank you! I love being creative! 

My first posts will mostly be about the home buying process as a first time home buyer as well as a continuation of how and why we ​decided to live in a small home. Since our house is little, about 800 sq ft, I also plan on blogging mostly about the DIY home updates I've planned to maximize​ ​space. From things as simple to changing out cabinet hardware to ambitious built-in furniture projects, hopefully my blog friends will be entertained by my ability (maybe inability at times... hehe) to create a cozy, somewhat stylish home in a smaller than average space. I also have a backyard space that needs a garden makeover so that will take up more than a few posts. Oh! and my animal babies will of course be a part of many of my blog entries. The four of them are my constant companions. 

Speaking of which - how did you meet David, your wonderful husband, and your sassy stepcat, Salix ?

We were neighbors when I first moved to Missoula, MT. Our roommates were mutually annoyed when we would hang out and flirt by making our cats hiss at each other. One month after meeting, we started dating. Two years after dating, we moved in together, and after five years together we were married this past July. We'll be celebrating our first year of marriage and six years together this summer!

YAY! Your wedding was the highest highlight of 2014 for us! Okay, fourth question- your blogger name is Wild Abigal -why did you choose that name?

Well... I have a feral mother... Although I mostly plan for everything well in advance, I have my wild moments! ​

​Plus, sometimes I exist outside of social norms so wild for me is a more positive label than "weird" or "kinda odd" haha!

Its hereditary! yikes! Speaking of wild moments, how often do you think you'll be posting ?

​Once a week to start. My second post will be next week Monday. I will post more if it is a larger project that takes a few days. I love comparing the before and after pictures once I've completed DIY projects​ ​so spreading those posts out over the week will probably be the best option as I continue to make this small house home.

Already you are better at blogging then your feral mother! Okay, now just to clarify again, how do you know gowestferalwoman? 

You (GWFeralwoman) are my Mom, Mama, Mutti, and finally Maman if I'm feeling french and want to shout your name in a store to find you...

And such a proud Maman I am!!!!! Even though Im feral and might hide once in a while in the chocolate aisle!! 

Anyhow, Thank you Wild Abigal for talking to me today!


Thank you everyone for taking the time 

to read our interview with Wild Abigal

Make sure you check out her blog !

Click on the red box below

because in our family,

the new Spring rains have arrived...